§ 1  Area of application 

§ 2  Conclusion of contract 

§ 3  Delivery 

§ 4  Return instruction

§ 5  Returns

§ 6  Pricing 

§ 7  Delivery Costs 

§ 8  Payment 

§ 9  Ticket Purchase 

§10  Care

§11  Reservation Of Ownership 

§12  Duty of Secrecy 

§13  Applicable Right 

§14  Online Dispute Resolution

§15  Severability Clause

§16  Identity of the contracting partner

§ 1 Area of application

These Terms and Conditions regulate the contractual relationship between you as a natural person and us, The Baseballs Shop ( IC Music And Apparel GmbH) and are valid only for business relations with consumers for the purposes of §13 Civil Code. The consumer according to this regulation is every natural person who closes a legal deal for a purpose, which can be added either commercial or an independent professional activity. The Terms and Conditions are valid for the offers on the Domain XXX and our printed catalogues. We complete your order based on our Terms and Conditions that are valid at the time of placing the order. 

§ 2 Conclusion of contract

You can order on the Internet from us via our homepage XXX he representation of the products shown either in our online shop or in our printed catalogues are an obliging offer for the purposes of §145 Civil Code. In the Shopping Cart you have the possibility to initiate the order process using the button “Proceed to Checkout”. After entering your personal data you will find a summary of your order at the final step of the order process. There you can take a look at your order again and have the option to make changes if necessary. By using the button “Confirm Order” you place a binding offer regarding the chosen items. We are authorised to accept your offer within 14 days by sending an acknowledgement of order (via mail or post). Your order is not deemed to be accepted until we have accepted it by acknowledgement. Should we not accept your offer within 14 days it is deemed to be disclaimed. Products which are not listed in the acknowledgement are not part of the act of sale.

§ 3 Delivery

We deliver products in stock within 5 working days to the address given by you. Dispatch beyond the Federal Republic of Germany and within Europe the delivery, provided the product is available, can take approx. 10-14 working days. When shipping to the non-European foreign countries the delivery time is dependent on the dispatch type and the receiver’s country. All delivery times or delivery periods are non-binding, they are based on an agreement. The preceding information about prospective dates of delivery or delivery timescales is non-binding, unless it has been expressly agreed between the consumer and us. In the case of an expressly agreed date of delivery if there is a delay in delivering the order you must allow us an extension of up to 2 weeks. If we are unable to deliver within the timeframe given you are entitled to withdraw from the sale agreement. Should an article not be available for delivery within the given timeframe, we will inform you as quickly as possible of the date of delivery, or alternatively that the delivery cannot occur.

§ 4 Return instruction

Right of Return

You can return any received item without providing a reason within 14 days by returning goods. The period of returning begins with receipt of this instruction for the right of returning, but not before the receipt of goods by the recipient (in case of recurring delivery of the same item not before receipt of the first partial delivery) and not before complying with our duty of information according to sec. 246, subs. 2 in conjuction with sec. 1 subs. 1, 2 EGBGB and our duties according to sec. 312 e, subs. 1, clause 1 BGB in conjuction with sec. 246 subs. 3 EGBGB. To ensure observance of the deadline, dispatch the goods or your return request within this period.

Please send the goods or your return request to:

IC Music and Apparel GmbH

c/o The Baseballs

Gewerbepark Brünner Str./Bereich A

Brünner Str. 8

04209 Leipzig | Deutschland 

The Following goods are excluded from the right of return:

1. Goods which were fabricated after sale to the customers specification or tailored to particular needs cannot be returned because of their appearance and workmanship ,

2. to supply CD´s, DVD´s or Software in an unsealed condition,

3. to supply tickets and ticket bundles ( e.g. t-shirt and ticket),

4. to supply piercings (plugs, tunnel), as far as they have been unsealed.

Return Consequences

In case of an effective return, the services received reciprocally are to be guaranteed back and, as the case may be, use drawn by the beneficiary (e.g. functional advantages) is to be released. In case of item deterioration, value compensation might be demanded. This does not apply, if item deterioration only happened during examination -as it usually would happen in the shop. You can avoid value compensation by not using the item as the owner and omitting everything that might affect its value. The duty of restitution shall be fulfilled within 14 days. The period commences for the buyer after returning the item or sending the return request, and it begins for IC Music & Apparel after receiving said item.

§ 5 Returns

Please return your items to:

IC Music and Apparel GmbH

c/o The Baseballs

Gewerbepark Brünner Str./Bereich A

Brünner Str. 8

04209 Leipzig | Deutschland 

For more information please read our shipping and returns section on the website. Please, use for the return dispatch of the product the packaging material which came from us, or pack the articles in such a way that they arrive in good condition with us. With the return of shoes please use another bag or box and not the shoe cardboard box as the sole outside packaging as the resale of a shoe with damaged box is not possible. In addition, we ask you not to remove the original tags and for hygienic reasons with Underwear and laundry not to remove any protective coverings. Also with nonobservance of the requests your right of return continues without limitation. Also pay particular attention to the completeness of your bank information. We are not held liable for any financial problems originating from you providing incorrect details.

§ 6 Pricing

All shown prices are totals including the VAT. Postal and forwarding charges are added after the list in sec. 7.

§ 7 Delivery Costs

Germany    5,99€

Austria, Belgium, Netherlands    9,99€

United Kingdom    11,99€

Bulgaria, Switzerland, Spain, France, Romania, Slovenia, Sweden, Denmark, Luxembourg    12,99€

Czech Republic, Finland, Italy, Poland    13,99€

Portugal    14,99€

Greece, Ireland    15,99€

Slovakia    19,99€

Hungary    29,99€

Norway    25,99€

Northern Ireland    51,99€

§ 8 Payment

We accept Payment via bank transfer, Paypal, and debit/credit card. If your residence is outside of Germany you only can pay by prepayment (depends on the possibilities in each country), credit card or PayPal.

a) PayPal

The payment occurs immediately from your Paypal account to ours with the address paypal@liveyourmusic.com.

c) Credit card

We accept VISA, Mastercards and Maestro- Cards. The handling of payment details are encoded and offers you secure processing of your data and a quick and uncomplicated payment.

§ 9 Ticket Purchase

Concert tickets, hereinafter referred to as tickets, are only sold to end customers. When buying tickets, you have to make sure that the details such as date, price, start and venue are correct. No guarantee is given for the correctness of the event data contained on the IC Music and Apparel GmbH website (www.impericon.com). Unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure do not entitle you to claims for damages. Furthermore, we are not obliged to notify you directly of changes at short notice (e.g. due to the artist's illness). You have to inform yourself about this. As a rule, reservations of certain places are not possible. Please note that tickets cannot be ordered via PayPal or cash on delivery and are excluded from free shipping.

The ticket prices quoted by us include the current statutory value added tax as well as a pre-sale and booking fee and may differ from the printed ticket price. Errors and misprints reserved. The delivered tickets remain the property of IC Music And Apparel GmbH until all claims have been paid in full.

Tickets that have been ordered cannot be returned / canceled or exchanged. The only exceptions are wrong deliveries, cancellation or rescheduling of a concert. Furthermore, all products that are offered in combination with a ticket (e.g. ticket - T-shirt bundles or packages) cannot be exchanged or returned. Unless it is a wrong delivery or the delivered goods are damaged. In this case, this will be replaced by us immediately. If the event is canceled or postponed, you can only return your ticket within 14 working days after the originally announced date of the event, after which you will no longer be entitled to a refund. If the tickets are returned due to cancellation or postponement of a concert, the face value of the ticket (printed ticket price) will be reimbursed.

If the event is postponed, the tickets remain valid. There is no entitlement to visit a specific location (venue). If the date is postponed, the tickets can be returned.

Sound, film and video recordings, including for private use, are generally prohibited, depending on the organizer. Corresponding abuse will be prosecuted. In the event that image and / or sound recordings (e.g. radio and / or television recordings) are made by authorized personnel during the event, you agree that you may be recorded in pictures and / or words and the Recordings may be reproduced, distributed or publicly reproduced (in particular broadcast) without any claim to remuneration, provided that this does not conflict with legitimate interests on your part. Tickets may only be purchased for private use. The commercial or commercial transfer of a ticket without the consent of the organizer (especially the sale to third parties in order to make a profit or an auction via an internet auction house) is prohibited. 

§ 10 Care

Please note the wash instruction on the instructions found on the items. We do not compensate damages caused by incorrect cleaning.

§ 11 Reservation of Ownership

All items remain unreserved property of IC Music And Apparel GmbH until payment is fulfilled.

§ 12 Duty of Secrecy

We strictly keep the duty of secrecy. All information relating to the order as well as personal information given by customers will be saved by IC Music And Apparel. Stored personal information will be only transmitted to the responsible shipping company for the delivery of items. All personal information will be kept in confidence and used in line with adaptive data protection laws. For marketing purposes we maintain a data exchange with other mail order companies as well as service providers. Unless you advise us not to do so your personal information will be transmitted to those companies and providers. Besides, your protective-worthy interests. More information you can find in our Privacy Policy.

§ 13 Applicable Right

German consumer rights are valid for all disputes which originate from or on account of this arrangement to the exclusion of the UN-purchase right.

§ 14 Online Dispute Resolution

The European Commission provides a platform for the extrajudical online dispute resolution (OS-platform) available at: http://ec.europa.eu/odr

It is our concern to settle any disputes arising from a contractual relationship by mutual agreement. Furthermore, we are not obliged to participate in a conciliation procedure and can not offer participation in this procedure.

§ 15 Severability Clause

Should a regulation of these general terms of business be ineffective, the effectiveness of the remaining regulations is not thereby touched.

§ 16 Identity of the contracting partner

IC Music and Apparel GmbH

The Baseballs

Deutscher Platz 4

04103 Leipzig - Germany

E-Mail: dan.de@liveyourmusic.com  

Tax office: Leipzig

Tax number: 231/111/09834

USt.Id.: DE267330102

Business Manager: Fabian Kraffczyk, Martin Böttcher

Register court: Amtsgericht Leipzig HRB 25392